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  • Colin H

    Hi, does this mean we can disable the bulletin feature here?

  • Darkedge3

    I would say so, just remove the lines:


    <li id="add-bulletin"> <a title="Add New Bulletin" href="/my_profile/bulletin/-1/create">
          <div class="add-icon"><img height="32" width="32" alt="Add New Bulletin" src=""></div>

  • atsui

    I hope future SG versions would include the ability to change the icons WITHOUT custom html which results in losing some of the Access Settings controls.

    If I am making a significant change to the standard application logic (e.g. custom code using API), I would definitely expect that it would break the vanilla version and that I would need to maintain the code. But if it is just to change a couple of icons (which is basically replacing graphic files with new ones), I would think that the "Admin Center" would have some method of allowing this to be done easily, instead of me having to create and maintain a "custom html" widget and ensuring that it synchs with "Access Settings".

    Support, agree?


    How do you fully remove zone A?

  • Mike A

    Hi Allan,

    To do that, just add this CSS to your Ads & Custom HTML (between style tags)

    div#sidebar { display:none; }

    If you have any further queries just email [email protected]



  • Celestina

    Thanks for the tutorial.  Is there a way to change the user messaging icons as well?

  • John

    Thanks so much for the code!  I wanted to lose the Bulletin button, as well, and after playing around awhile I was able to get things to look/work right. :)

  • Mike A

    @John, that's great, glad things are working out - just let us know if you have any more questions.

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