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  • Lauren Walker

    I do not want to show the "Network" title in the header area, I just want a header image. how do I do this?

  • Mike A

    Hey Lauren,

    To do this, create a completely transparent PNG file and upload it as your logo image in the Network Designer.  The Network Designer will use whatever logo image you upload (in this case a completely invisible one) and hide the network title



  • John F. Kennedy


    I wanted to remove the background color of my header so my complete background can be seen.

    Is that possible?

  • Alina Hutton


    How do you add a logo image without losing the title of the network in the header?

  • Mike A

    @ Alina - I'm afraid that it's not possible to have both and logo image and the original title text.  However, you could use CSS code to add a logo to the header area of the site.  Please contact us directly at [email protected] and a member of the support team will assist :)

  • Kharion Genesis

    I would like to know how to change the look of the buttons and tabs etc... Like the templates you choose when you first build the site.
    Thanks a ton,

  • Steve

    How do i change the colors of a theme that i have chosen? I currently have the "Stickey Gray-White-Blue" them loaded

  • kodavaame

    I have done the required changes but its not reflecting on my site

  • Ben L

    I want to use a logo to hide the original title text and I want tohave it used like a header image. Is there a size limitation to keep it looking good?

  • Ben L

    never mind. found my answer

  • Keedon King

    is there anyway to add a footer to the very bottom of the web page?

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