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    How do I just edit the content of my homepage? Haven't figured out that simple step yet. :) I guess I oughta visit Owner's Network.

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    how do i add a shoutbox to a page

    help please

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    Santos Diaz

    I cant resize my zones

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    Won Kim
      three issues i'm struggling with, if you could help. 
    1) if you remove the event tab you cannot create events within a group?
    2) The files tab is fixed and cannot be moved? (i wanted to remove it but access files possibly within another page)
    3) news feed placed in Home page does not expose the whole message but just links?
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    Liquid Abyss


    Having some issues hope you can help me to resolve them. I am new to socialgo so be easy on me. I can figure out most of this complex networking site.
    1) How do you get the music not to start playing on my profile.?

    2) Is their a way to add members w/o emailing them?





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    Hello there's seem to be an issue with the upload button for a MAC...Iam finding that it doesn't your training video is not accurate for MAC users..

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    Frank Drews

    @ admins: You don't answer question here?

    So you want people to aks the same question over and over again via email or ticket?

    I am interested in the questions of Won Kim.

    And one more:

    There is no way to change the Layout and content of Groups?

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    AAD Inc.

    Hello, I am having an issue with my WELCOME page photo. I have CUT & tried pasting, hitting the image & inserting the url's. But, I have not succeeded in changing the picture. Also, NOW my Welcome page is ALL messed up (Double Like) screens.

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    kevin son

    If thing doesn't get better I will be closing my account.  I am so Frustration!

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    Michael Mckelvie

    Hi Ryan

    What ever happen to the tutorials video's that you had for the Layout Manager,

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    Su Pereira

    Hello Guys,


    If you have any doubts regarding your Layout Manager, please emails us at



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