Adding 'embeddable services' to your SocialGO site




  • haru glory

    does not work

  • Bill Hood

    I would like to embed YouTube videos, using the code provided by YouTube into a topic on a forum in my SocialGo site. Any suggestions on how to make this happen?

  • Raymond Leiden

    Click share below vidoe then select embed.  Check and see if they have different sizes of embed, then. place the size you want into custom html obx. Place custom html into pages story board. You may want to add before the script <center>  and <center/> after script. You also it do right or left.  Check out a website for basic html codes for more.   You also hit the source button and resiz the video to fit your web page or blog. You may want to experiment with it. My suggestion is to try to keep embeds at stand only until get the feel for how to add them to other html code.

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