How to set up a Custom Domain




  • Christy

    ok - what if you didn't buy your domain name from GoDaddy?  Say Host Gator and they say that you guys need to set the A record.

  • Scott Meyer

    Like Christy - I also registered with HostGator - What was the answer to her question?

  • Deaphalis Sample

    I also registered with someone else. How does that work?

  • Guy Hoogewerf

    Hi everyone,

    You can follow the above instructions - to set up the A Record to point our IP, and the www CNAME to point to your, using any domain registrar, we just used GoDaddy as the example.

    You can often find step-by-step instructions on how to set-up your domain with your domain registrar by visiting their help center and searching for something like "Edit A Record". Please remember you do not need to change the Name Servers, just the A Record and CNAME for your domain.

    If you have any trouble, e-mail [email protected] and we'll be happy to help however we can!

    The SocialGO Team

  • Leo Sinclair

    I have and I can have tried to set this up but still cannot get it to work.  They require a specific forward destination for a HTTP redirect.  Could you help?

  • Andrew B - SocialGO

    Hi Leo - you need to update the A RECORD (maybe you need to ask 1and1 to do this for you, some providers don't let you update this A RECORD directly), not do an HTML redirect. If you're attempting to do a redirect, it won't work. Email us on [email protected] if you're still having troubles with this!

  • Joanna Farina

    I have been working with someone who has developed a database using that would work in the backend.  Would that be something that would be compatible with utilizing socialgo?

  • Andrew B - SocialGO

    Hi Joanna - how exactly are you intending to utilize SocialGO with the database? At first glance, it doesn't sound like an obvious fit, but I might be missing something. Could you please send the specifics of your project to [email protected] and we'll get the right person to have a look at it. Thanks for your interest!

  • Armil Jimenez
        @    A   - not sure if did this one right     
       mail    A   - Not sure if I need to delete this    
        www    A  - and this one too. help!
    I puchased my domain from

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